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Your Nearest Defibrilator

In an emergency would you know where the nearest defibrilator is?  If someone goes into cardiac arrest, a member of the public can call 999 and be given a code to access the device. The defibrillators themselves will talk the user through the resuscitation process and the emergency services will stay on the phone to give you further guidance while you wait for an ambulance.

The Bartonian has been asked to compile a list of all the defibrators in the town.  Above/below is a map compiled by North Lincolnshire Council of all known publicly accessible defibrillators in the town that can be accessed in an emergency.

If you have a defibraltor at your place of work or community building is it shown on this map?  The most pertinent issue is that Defibs need to be registered with the Emergency Services (principally EMAS) via https://www.thecircuit.uk/  to be included in the National Debibrillator Network.  It might save a life.


Hidden History

Hidden History tells of Barton upon Humber's fascinating history through a collection of media including original and authentic photographs, video clips, narration and text.