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Barton Civic Society AGM and Hull Reflections – July 21

Rounding off Barton upon Humber Civic Society’s  celebration of Hull City of Culture 2017 the group is sharing memories of living close to Kingston upon Hull in Hull Reflections at its meeting on Friday (July 21)

Barton has numerous historical and contemporary links with the city – market boats sailed between Hull and Barton until the 1950s, and ropes made in Barton were shipped worldwide from Hull and the raw materials ferried across the Humber up to the 1980s. The Hull postcode was even shared for a long time!

Generations of Bartonians have worked and studied in the city while its museums, shops and theatres continue to captivate us. Come and share your own memories of Hull – and getting there by ferry!

The Society’s Annual General Meeting  that starts at 7.30pm precedes Hull Reflections which begins at 8.15pm.

The event takes place at the Joseph Wright Hall, Queen Street.  Admission for Civic Society members is free and just £2 for non-members.  For more information on the work of the Civic Society go to www.bartoncivicsociety.co.uk



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