One Layman’s Account of Barton’s Horrifyingly Brilliant Ghost Walk

Starting outside Baysgarth House on February 22nd and March 22nd, at 7.15 pm – Tickets £4 or £3 for children.

Tghostwalkshe cold winter wind blew briskly through Baysgarth Park, helping the scares and stories of the Barton Ghost Walk to chill the walkers to the bone one January evening. I stood among these souls, huddling together for warmth on a frosty night, but there was one chill that could not be kept out.

No matter how hard we tried, the frights of the Ghost Walk continued to raise goose bumps on our skin. The guide, a characterful lady possessed of an unsettling familiarity with the dead, took us through Barton’s winding streets, showing us the sights and telling us the tales of those who have laid down to die in Barton without ever finding any rest.

She is not alone in her quest to terrorise and hypnotise her audience; A rogue’s gallery of wretched wraiths and ghastly ghouls join her, ranging from the truly terrifying to the highly humorous, and from the word “go” a dastardly and delightful array of stories, scares and visions is on the menu.

The Ghost Walk is a blast from the start thanks to a fugitive, many centuries dead with a tale of how he ran from the law and paid for it with his life. Caught not by the hands of the men who followed him, but by the tides of the unforgiving Humber. Learn how this came to be from the bloodless blaggard himself, but not until he has scared the wits out of you. This is just an example of what awaits you on this walk among the tombstones.

The tales and the terror are interwoven through the walk as the followers are taken haplessly from the park down into the old town and on to the homes and last resting places of Barton’s most venerable and vengeful residents. We wouldn’t want to ruin the surprises that await you, but suffice it to say that few will leave without a fright and many will gain an entirely new perspective on our restless old town.

This is a walk with some genuine scares amplified by the fevered imaginations of those that follow its spiritual guides. Of course, there is also a great deal of fun to be had by people young and old, as well as some interesting information on the town and its more, shall we say, ethereal residents.

If you would wish such a thing as this upon yourself and your loved ones, then be quick. There are only two more walks left this year before the guides return to their resting places in the graves and tombs of Barton. These depart Baysgarth Park on February 22nd and March 22nd, at 7.15 pm dead.

Tickets cost £4 for adults and £3 for children.  For more information call 01469 531003 or email Contact can also be made through séances, though caution is advised.


Hidden History

Hidden History tells of Barton upon Humber's fascinating history through a collection of media including original and authentic photographs, video clips, narration and text.