Hidden History – Mapping Out Barton’s Past

The one thing to realise about Barton is that there is a lot of history in a small space.  From the charming Anglo-Saxon beauty of St Peter’s Church to the industrial grandeur of the Humber Bridge, it can be a lot to take in.  Fortunately navigating your way around Barton and its highlights has recently been made a lot easier, thanks to a map and an app covering the town.

The Map – Shrink Map Barton-upon-Humber

The Barton-upon-Humber shrink map is a small, concise and easily useable guide to all the sights, sounds and flavours of Barton.  Bright colours show you what’s what on the main map, while icons and images draw the eye to the town’s modern and historic highlights.  There is even a numbered key to exciting places to visit, together with concise but useful information on each place on the back.  Tick off the top ten things to do in Barton as you get through them and make sure to pop along to one of the many annual events listed inside.

The map covers everything from the banks of the River Humber in the north to Horkstow Road in the south and from Far Ings National Nature Reserve in the west to the local sailing club in the east.  It will soon be available from all public buildings and museums in Barton as well as some shops.  The map will also be provided to new citizens moving into Barton as part of a forthcoming town welcome pack scheme


The App – Hidden History Barton

This app can reveal to you in seconds the history of Barton that has been hidden from you for years or even decades.  It all sounds very Manchurian Candidate, but in reality, some of the most interesting bits of history are buried right beneath our noses in the streets of Barton.  This carefully researched and designed app brings the past to life, combining an interactive map of the town with enthralling images, accounts, and videos of Barton and its people through the ages.

This app will keep you in the know about exactly where you are, not just in present day Barton, thanks to its GPS map, but in an ongoing history of our local town.

Did you know for example that a great British saint is rumoured to have baptised babies outdoors in the beck at the top of Beck Hill over a millennium ago?  If you don’t know what we’re talking about then you’re missing out.  Go to to get hold of the app and find out all about it.


Logo image provided courtesy of Hidden Histories.


Hidden History

Hidden History tells of Barton upon Humber's fascinating history through a collection of media including original and authentic photographs, video clips, narration and text.