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Grimsby at War – new exhibition at Baysgarth House Museum

THE paintings of a Grimsby war artist are being displayed at an exhibition opening at Baysgarth House Museum on Thursday, March 3.

During the Second World War, Grimsby Borough Council commissioned Ernest Worrall to record the impact of that conflict on the town in a striking series of works.

Worrall, who was a  teacher at Wintringham Grammar School,  exhibited at the Royal Academy 14 times, and it was during the Second World War that he created some of his finest works.

He produced more than 20 paintings in a series detailing how war affected Grimsby, painting  the destruction done by bombing all across the town, including significant damage to St James’ and Heneage Road Churches and buildings on Dudley Street.

There are also works showing Grimsby’s famous docks, including images of its trawlers, commandeered by the Royal Navy to serve as minesweepers and escorts.

After the war, Worrall continued to work at Wintringham Grammar until his retirement in the 1960s after which , he moved to Sussex, where he died in 1972.

This is a rare opportunity to see these paintings displayed together. The exhibition runs from March 3 to June 5 and the Museum is open from Thursday to Sunday fromn 12 noon until 4pm.  Admission is free.




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